I make apps scalable for startups.

I have worked at several successful startups including, Cloud Logistics (acquired by E2Open), Casamba (leader in EMR software), and Brivity (Inc's Top 500 fastest-growing private companies). Formerly the CTO of CityGrader and currently a co-founder and CTO at Resorcity.

The majority of my experience includes Ruby, JavaScript, SQL, C, and C#, however, I'm happy to explore any language. I received a Computer Science degree from the University of Central Florida and have over ten years of professional software experience.

In 2017 I started HocNest, where I help companies design data systems. My family and I live in South Florida. I write code on Github and the best way to get in touch is by email.

Interested in building a modular monolith in rails? Rails applications can scale. There is no need to fear monoliths.

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Create a local rails engine nested within your rails application following a component based architecture.
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Rails engine with Rspec
Setup Rspec and Factory Bot for a Ruby on Rails engine and configure it to improve your test suite.
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Learn how public interfaces are used in Ruby and how they can lead to a more maintainable codebase.
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